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Best Stained Glass Patterns


Am I allowed to sell my project after it is done?

YES! You are more than welcome to sell your finished work. I do ask that you do not resell the pattern itself though.


What size is this pattern?

With only a few exceptions, any size you want it to be.


Will you ship my pattern to me?

No, the only patterns we ship are the Tiffany style.


When will I get my pattern?

Your pattern is available immediately after purchase. Click ‘My Account’ and downloads to download it. A link will also be sent to your email. If you are waiting for it to come in the mail, you will be waiting a long time as our patterns are downloaded only.


Can I pay you extra to print and ship my pattern for me?

If you REALLY want to pay the extra to have the pattern printed and mailed, contact me and let me know what size you need. The cost for the service starts at $25 and goes up from there based on the size you need and if the pattern needs to be altered to fit.

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